Monday, November 9, 2009

Seven Months

Dear Madi the Monkey,

It seems like you just turned six months old yesterday, yet somehow another month has passed and you are now seven months old. You've grown and changed so much again over the last month. It seems as if you are learning something new every day.

You babble so much at us. We love it! You have started making a lot of sounds with consonants - mainly "b" or "p" sounds. You're favorite is "bubba". Uncle Matt says he refuses to go by "Bubba"! You've started making "mum mum" and "momma" sounds too, but you're only doing it if you're mad or upset.

You absolutely love playing in your exersaucer! You play with everything on it now. Your favorite thing on your exersaucer is the apple - you love to chew on the leaf. You just started bouncing in your exersaucer - you get so excited! You've started banging on stuff and banging stuff together. Daddy sings to you and tells you to keep the beat, but you always stop banging to just listen to his silly songs.

We've been calling you "monkey". You're always wrapping your legs around something - our arms when we're trying to change your diaper, your Pooh Bear, etc. You also make the sole of your feet touch and rub them together. And you love sitting with your feet crossed!

You love to eat your baby food! You get so excited about eating from a spoon - and you seem to really enjoy pretty much everything we give you. Oatmeal is your very favorite! Peas are your least favorite.

Happy 7 months, baby girl! We love you!

Mommy and Daddy


Patricia said...

Yep! She's related. Love oatmeal-hate peas. Eat them, but only because Charles won't eat them if I don't at least eat some AND he likes peas.
Love reading about you, Madi.
Mandi, you are a very good writer.