Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morning Conversation

So, Madison has finally shown some separation anxiety. It's not horrible, but it's still WAY more than I'm used to. She now gets upset when I start to walk out of her daycare class. It breaks my heart just walking out, all while smiling and happily telling her bye. I want to just scoop her up and stay with her until she feels better about staying, but I know that if I do, I'll just be making it worse. I also know that she's just fine right after I leave.

This is the conversation we had this morning when I pulled into the parking space at daycare:

Me - Madison, are you ready to go in?

Madison - No.

Me - Do you want to go play with your friends?

Madison - No.

Me - You don't want to go see Miss Debbie?

Madison - No.

Me - Do you want to just come with Mommy? (I was really just testing her to see if she was just repeating "no" over and over.)

Madison - Yes! (said in a very excited fashion, while nodding her head)

Me - I'm sorry, honey. We still have to go in to daycare.

I then get out and open her car door. She then looks right at me and says, "bye" (waving ever so sweetly). I could just see her thinking, "You can go on in to daycare, Mommy. But I'm staying right here."


LaurensMom said...

Too sweet! I don't know if she's old enough yet to comprehend the whole "time" thing, but with Lauren, I tell her ahead of time that I can sit with her for a few minutes. It's REALLY helped the separation anxiety. It's always much worse if I just go in and drop her off. Just wait until Madison starts getting the whole sentences down and tells you she doesn't want to go to school and asks why you have to go to work...I think staying at home should be a paid job option. :)

Patricia said...

Love you both, little girls! It's hard to be a Mommy/baby girl! Keep smiling at her. She'll always hate to leave you/you leave her. Just think how you felt leaving Sunday going back to your own home. But we remember we're loved and it gets better. She knows she's loved!Have a good day. Love you both.