Saturday, April 9, 2011


My sweet Madison,

How is it even possible that you are two? Today has been hard on Mommy. I've rocked you to sleep twice today...and I've cried both times. It's just so hard for me to believe that you're two - you're a little girl now. You've reminded me all week though that you're "Mommy's little baby". We even talked earlier in the week about how you'd always be my little baby. I hope you always remember that - even when you're sixteen!

We had the best day today! You've been talking about your birthday and your birthday party for months now...constantly reminding everyone, "My birthday is coming up." You picked out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse decorations for your party months ago too. We looked at the decoration book together and you got soooo excited when you turned to the page with Mickey and Minnie. So, naturally, you were super excited when I told you this morning that it was birthday time. We had breakfast this morning with Aunt Patty and then made a quick trip to the Dollar Store for a few items we needed for your party. You were all about this - you even grabbed a pack of GI Joes and said, "I need this for my party. Put it in the buggy, Mommy." And you absolutely loved your party! You were fascinated with your Airwalker Mickey and Minnie balloons. And we ate birthday cake and ice cream, and blew out your candle, and sang "Happy Birthday", and opened presents...just like we'd been talking about for months. We had a great time with our family. I asked you after your party if you had fun and you said, "uh huh" in a super excited voice.

I had fun too! But because today was your birthday, my mind just kept going back to your actual birth day two years ago. The time has flown by, and I know it will continue to do so. I know that soon another year will have passed and we'll be celebrating your special day once again. You're growing up on me! And it's so bittersweet - I am so very proud of you. You are growing into such an amazing little girl. But as much as I look forward to much as I know I'll enjoy each and every new year with're still growing up. And you probably won't even understand how bittersweet it is until you are completely grown and have a child of your own. Then, too, you'll know just how much I love you...just as I now know just how much your Nana loves me and your Uncle Matt.

And love you I do. So. Very. Much. I love that we have actual conversations. I love that you wake up in the morning talking and fall asleep at night talking. I love your love of animals. I love your "great big hugs". I love that you love water - just like me! I love that the opposite of big to you is "baby" (like "it's a baby one"). I love that you like to guess who I'm talking to when I'm on the phone. I love that you're kind. I love that you're super silly! (Nana says you're more silly than Daddy and me put together.) I love that you love books and music. I love that you break out into spontaneous song several times a day (you know so many!). I love your big blue eyes. I love that you say "two both 'ems" when you have two of something and I ask you how many you have. I love that you refer to your ABCs as ABCDs - you even sing "now I know my ABCDs" at the end of the song. I love that you count to eleven. I love that you're girly, but not too girly (I like to think you get that from me). You love clothes and necklaces and bracelets and shoes and baby dolls. But you also love trains and airplanes and big trucks and rocks and basketball and football too.

I love you Madison - everything about you. You are perfect to me. Happy Birthday, Bug! You have charmed so many in your two years. I hope you know how much you are loved.



Patricia said...

Sharing the day with Madison was a special pleasure. (also with you and the rest of the family) This little blond, blue-eyed bundle of joy is wonderful to behold. She takes such joy in life. Watching her open and (read) each birthday card was so enjoyable. Her eyes light up and you believe she can read what is written on the cards. Being a part of her special day made me feel blessed. I love this 2year old addition to the Smith(Bowen-Justice) family. Love, Her Great-Aunt Patty & Your Aunt Patty