Saturday, May 9, 2009

1 Month

Dear Madison,

You are one month old today. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed. It still feels as if we just came home from the hospital. I also cannot believe that your actual due date is still one week away.

Months before you arrived, Daddy starting turning on the lamp in your room every evening. I'm still not really sure why he did it, but I think it was that he was just that excited for your arrival. And even before you were here, I spent a lot of time rocking in the glider in your room. Being in your room gave me so much peace...just as you do for me now.

Every day it seems like you're doing something new. You are already so cute and funny! Just this week, you've started swallowing when you're hungry before you have a bottle in your mouth. It's hilarious! We've also started talking in this really "excited" voice when we're about to give you a bottle. You get so excited! It's cute!

This past week, I read to you for the first time. I read Green Eggs and Ham. You just listened to me read the whole book, all bright-eyed and calm.

You absolutely love being held and being talked to. And I have to admit, we love showering you with attention.

You have already brought us so much joy, and every day with you is such an adventure...a true blessing.

Happy One Month Birthday to you, sweet girl!

We love you so much!

Momma and Daddy