Monday, May 4, 2009

Christmas Morning...

A few days ago, I compared waking up to my daughter to waking up on Christmas morning. It's really the best comparison I can think of. Every day, I wake up (always before I really want to...haha) and I'm immediately excited. I can't wait to sneak a peek at her. And this is exactly how I always felt on Christmas morning at my parents' house. My brother would always wake me up (once again, always before I really wanted to get up) and we would all but run to the living room to see what Santa had delivered. Madison is my every day Christmas gift! :-)

I keep thinking more and more about having to go back to work. I never dreamed it would be something I'd struggle with so much. I thoroughly enjoy every second with Madison....even when she won't go back to sleep, even when she throws up ALL OVER me, even when it takes me an hour to get her to eat 2 ounces. I just think it's going to seem so strange not spending the day with her. How am I going to be able to focus on work?

I was talking with my momma about all of this and about how it's not so much that I think I'll worry about her all day. It's mainly just that I think I'll constantly wonder what she's doing. However, I do wonder if she's ready. She truly is eating so much better...but, even now, I'm not sure that she eats as well as a term baby. I just don't know that they can take the time with her that she requires. We still have a little more time though, so maybe she'll be eating even better when it's time to go to daycare.

One more thing...Madison has now outgrown almost all of her Preemie clothing and is wearing Newborn. Yay!!!