Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 Months

Dear Madison,

3! Where does the time go?

You've found your hands and your feet. There was a time when you only sucked on your little hands when you were hungry or needed comfort, but now you could enjoy them all day long. Oh, and those tiny feet! I never would have dreamed little feet could be so fascinating, but, then again, I never imagined I'd sit for minutes upon minutes and just watch you ponder at them.

Your big sweet smile is contagious! You smile a lot now when you are talked to, but Mommy and Daddy are still convinced that you save your best smiles for us! You've also perfected "the pout". It melts my heart when you stick out that bottom lip. You are so adorable!

You are quite the "talker". We love hearing all of your little (and sometimes big) noises. You are usually the most talkative when you lay on your changing table. You love to lay there and see the light come through the blinds. You're also becoming very fond of your play mat. It's cute to see you get so excited looking up at all of your little toys. You kick your little legs and wave your arms! You've also started doing this when you see Mommy or Daddy. It makes us feel so special.

You're also becoming a lot more independent. You've been laying in your pack and play for all of your naps. You've also been spending more time entertaining yourself in your swing, looking at your mobile in your crib, or playing in your bouncy seat or on your play mat. I have to admit that there are so many times that I just want to hold you while you are sleeping. I usually make myself lay you down because I know that is what's best for you...but sometimes I just cuddle you anyway and let you wake up in my arms.

It seems like you are growing and changing almost daily. And we are just enjoying every single second with you!


Patricia said...

I know what you mean about the "pout". I got one Sat. night while holding her. I knew it wasn't time for another bottle,but she was crying. So I tried just plain water to help her cool off (I wasn't aware that you don't give her water). She took a little, then curled her tongue to push it away. I tried again when she started to cry. Same thing again. So while I added milk and shook the bottle, she stopped crying and listened to the bottle shake. I took too long, I guess, because I got "the pout". Love that little girl!!!!!!!!!!!