Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cereal Addictions and Sleeping in a Crib

Here's what's been going on with the Smiths:

- Matt is finding out just how tough his LPN Program is going to be. He's had soooo many tests! Yuck! He's doing really well though. He's always been so great with time management.

- June has been missing Matt terribly since he started school. It's pretty typical for her to follow him around, but lately she cries (meows) loudly as she's doing so. Before she only did this when he was in the kitchen making a turkey sandwich. haha!

- Adele is still missing me, I think. She's been great with Madison...soooo much better than I ever expected her to be. Yet, I know she's terribly jealous. She's always been super attached to me, but I really think she's worse now. She's laying on top of the printer as I type.

- Madison and I have both had a bit of a cold. We're both getting over it now though. Thank goodness!

- Last weekend we had a visit from Uncle Charles and Aunt Patty. It was so great seeing them! Madison had been up for quite some time before they came, so she was in desperate need of a nap by the time they arrived. She tried her best to fight it, but we eventually got her to sleep!

- Matt and I have gotten into a pretty good routine. We've always been a really good team, so adjusting to him being on a new schedule wasn't really all that difficult. We are still getting things accomplished pretty easily, even with him being super busy. I must admit, though, that we still don't have the whole dinner thing down. There are many nights that we end up just eating cereal for dinner because we don't feel like cooking anything. However, I'm convinced that a lot of this is simply due to the fact that we both love cereal!

- Madison slept in her crib for the first time on July 31st. She and I spent the night with my mom and dad on the 1st, but she slept in her crib again on the 2nd. She did pretty well with it. She only woke up once each night between 9:30 and 4. I slept on her floor though from 4 until it was time to get up because she stirred a lot. I put her back in her bassinet to sleep until last night since she was sick (It just made me feel a lot more comfortable). She didn't do as well last night. I made it through the night without having to sleep on her floor, but I did have to go to her 5 times to get her back to sleep.

- This past weekend, we all packed up and headed to Williamstown. We left Friday when I got home from work and went straight to the Relay for Life. We were a little worried about how Madi would do, as this was her first real "social event". She loved it! She really enjoyed just looking at all the people. Her eyes got so big when we walked under a balloon archway. She is just so curious!

- Today on my way home from work, I met my mom and dad at ToysRUs so that we could pick out an exersaucer for Madison. It was her 4 month birthday present! haha! Daddy put it together as soon as I got home. We let Madison play in it for a few minutes. I had to help her maintain her balance, but she really enjoyed playing in it! She's just not quite big enough for it yet.

- I really wish I could update this more often. Something always comes up though every time I sit down at the computer. I think I've been trying to finish this post for about a week now!

Grandma Peggy feeding Madison

The day after the Relay for Life - she was so exhausted! She slept from midnight to 7 and then got up to eat and slept with Daddy on the couch from 8 until noon!

Madison's new favorite sleeping position

Cuddle time with Momma

"Whatcha doing, Daddy?"

Snoozing in her Pack and Play

Tummy Time! She's getting so strong!

Bathtime Girl


LaurensMom said...

Lauren was too small for her exersaucer, but loved playing with it, so we would pack in a bunch of blankets to help her support herself while she played with the toys. Sounds like Madison is doing great! I'm sure the exersaucer will be her favorite toy for a long time! Kiddies love them!

Patricia said...

Love reading this. You sound like your Aunt Nancy--cereal for dinner--Charles & I do that very seldom--once or twice a year. Enjoyed the pictures as did Uncle Charles