Sunday, August 9, 2009

Four Months

Sweet Madi,

When you were in NICU, one of your nurses said the following to me:

"She's such a sweet baby, but she's got attitude. Not a lot of attitude, and not in a bad way. She's got just enough not to get pushed around in this world."

I'll never know how she could be so right about you when you were less than a day old...but she was.

You are such a sweet baby...a very happy, easygoing baby. But there are definitely times that we see that little attitude. When you're so sleepy and just don't want to give in. When we take your bottle away to burp you. It's still so funny to me to hear you scream and watch you kick and fight to lay back so that you can eat more. I remember when we had to strip you down to your diaper and put ice cold wash cloths on you to get you to eat. You have come so far!

You have changed so much in the last month. You want to sit up ALL the time. You absolutely love to lay down and have Mommy or Daddy pull you up to a sitting position by your hands. You can keep your head level with the rest of your body so well now! Sometimes you even try to pull yourself up on your own, but the only part of your body you can get to lift up is your legs. You think you're such a big girl!

You are our pride and joy and we love every single thing about you...especially that little attitude of yours!

Sound asleep in your crib...a few hours before you turned four months old!


Patricia said...

Love this. Guess I saw that attitude the Saturday we were visiting. I love her and "her attitude". Great-Aunt Patty