Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love and Laughter

I feel like Madison is doing something new all the time now! We're amazed by how much she's changing.

She's rolling a lot more. She now rolls from her belly to her back, too! At daycare, they say she just rolls and rolls all the way across the mat there.

In the last week or so, she's also been playing with her feet a lot. She loves pulling off her socks. The night before last, she mastered getting her feet in her mouth. haha! She couldn't decide which one she wanted to chew on though, so she kept switching back and forth!

And last night...SHE LAUGHED!!! It was the best sound in the whole world. She laughed about 15 different times and it never sounded the same. She was laughing at Daddy, of course! He was acting like a gorilla, pounding himself in the chest and all. haha! And she just thought it was the most funny thing! The first couple of times that she laughed, she had a really surprised look on her face. We were both really surprised too! Matt just looked at me and said, "She's laughing!!" And I said, "I know!!!" Tears were just streaming down my face. At first, I was crying because it was just sooo adorable. And then I was crying because I couldn't stop laughing either.


Patricia said...

I love reading about you, Matt, and Madi. She keeps growing and changing. I wish I lived next door so I could see her if only for 5 minutes a day. Thank God I don't, because I know 5 minutes wouldn't be enough and I'd become intrusive after a few days. I know how I am with babies anyway--and this little girl is more than just a baby. So I'll just enjoy your blog twice as much. Love, Great-Aunt Patty