Sunday, March 1, 2009

29 weeks

Matt, Belly, and I went for maternity portraits yesterday. They were actually a lot of fun. Our photographer had some really cute ideas, and I'm so anxious to see the pictures. She was so easygoing and I really enjoyed our "photo shoot"! haha. I can't wait to see the finished photos. They should be ready to view online in 4-6 weeks, and the actual proofs will be ready about a week after they are online.

Matt's mom and sister came down and spent some time with us this weekend. We all went to see Slumdog Millionaire last night. I loved it! Matt seemed to like it pretty well too.

We've both been a little sick - seems to just be a cold. However, Matt's in much worse shape than I am. Thank you prenatal vitamins! Matt is really congested and his poor nose won't stop running. My throat and ears seem to be my only problem areas...I'm hoping I don't get worse.

We decorated Madison's walls a little more. Matt's Aunt Darlena sent these adorable blocks that spell her name and we hung those over her crib. I absolutely adore them! We also put some appliques up on the wall. Her room is still my favorite room in our home!

We've been watching this show on TLC called "Bringing Home Baby". It's kind of interesting to see people's stories about their first 36 hours at home with a new baby....although most of the parents on the show don't seem very "normal". haha! I think our main concern is our kitty girls...okay, maybe just Adele. We're hoping they adjust okay.