Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forgive me blog

...for I have strayed. It has been 2 weeks since my last post.

The last 2 weeks have kind of been a blur, and I'm not quite sure why. We've been a little busy...and I've also been really tired. But when I look back on the last 2 weeks, I'm not really even sure what we've been up to. Maybe I'll try to remember in reverse order...

Yesterday I tagged along with Matt, Jennifer, and Peggy to Winterplace. Matt and Jennifer snowboarded while Peggy and I attempted to stay warm in the lodge. I took care of a few "thank you" cards and started reading a book...but I have to admit that I spent a lot of time looking for Matt to come back down the slope. It was nice just watching him do something he enjoys. It was the same feeling I get watching him play golf. I don't know why, but I just love watching him do something he loves.

Friday was Peggy's birthday. We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel to celebrate. My food wasn't quite as good as I wanted it to be, but it was nice to eat fish! I never eat it at home because Matt hates fish.

The past week I spent working and Matt spent painting the kitchen/dining room. The color is definitely brighter than we had hoped it would be. I've decided that we're terrible at picking out paint colors. They never quite turn out they way we think they will. The only room in our house that's been painted that we've been 100% satisfied with is Madison's room. "Why?", you ask....because my mom picked out the paint colors. haha. I think I'm okay with the's just a little neon. lol. But it's bright, so it makes me happy...I just think other people are going to be a little shocked by it.

This past Monday I had an appointment at the hypertension clinic. I usually just see the nurse, and she hooks me up to their special machine (I have no idea what it's called) and it measures my cardiac output. My cardiac output is still on the high side, even though they doubled my dosage of medication. She asked if I could stick around to see the doctor. Of course, I said yes. I was getting a little nervous, but it all turned out okay. Dr. Chafin said that with my cardiac output being as high as it is, he would expect our baby girl to be underweight. However, she's perfectly average and growing just as she should be. He said he didn't feel that there was any need to adjust my medication as long as she's doing okay.

On Tuesday of last week, Matt came down to Logan and spent the night with me at the Lodge. We met my parents at Hacienda for dinner. We laughed so much! I love spending time with my parents. After dinner, Matt and I headed back to our room and watched American Idol. I think it drives Matt crazy that I've influenced him to watch a lot more tv. I probably do watch way too much. It's weird, because there was a time where I barely watched tv at all. Maybe Aimee influenced me to watch way too much. haha. Anyway...after Idol, we just walked around the hotel a little bit because I was terribly swollen. We walked down to the pool and I sat with my feet in the water. It felt so nice, and I just kept wishing we had packed our swimsuits!

Last weekend, my mom and aunts hosted my baby shower in Man. I absolutely loved it! I left there completely exhausted, but I had such a great time. I just loved seeing everyone! We received so many beautiful and useful gifts for Madison too! Matt and I spent that Sunday organizing everything and putting it away. Madison seriously has a TON of clothes, which is great for me because I LOVE clothes! I'm just hoping she actually gets to wear them all!

Here are some pics from the shower.

I adored these little elephants!

Baby Cake

Adorable fur coat from Liz
Candace and me...I hadn't seen her in way too long.

Amber and me

Aims and me

I saw my doctor last on the 2nd. She said that everything still seems to be going really well. I see her again tomorrow. I'm definitely going to talk to her about the problem I've been having with swelling. I honestly feel like I'm at least 2 times bigger because of it! It's actually really painful too! I know that there's nothing that can really be done about it, but I also know that it's a sign of preeclampsia and with my blood pressure problems, I figure she'll want to know.

All in all, we're doing great! Matt and I are just so anxious about Madison's arrival. We're just ready for her...well, almost. There are still a few things we need. However, we know it doesn't matter how ready we are. We have to wait until she's ready...and, of course, that's what we want. Matt had a dream about her last night. I was so jealous when he told me about it this morning, because I've never actually "seen" her in my dreams. I've had plenty of dreams about her...but I can never see her. We laughed for awhile about his dream because in it, he needed to take Madison somewhere but he didn't have a car - only a bicycle with a basket on the front! Our dreams about her are always so funny!


Anonymous said...

The green dress is cute :-) Glad you had a good time at your shower!