Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Girls Sit in the Big Girl Chair

We went yesterday for my appointment with my regular doctor. She ordered some blood tests in order to make sure I don't have toxemia. After my appointment, Matt and I went to the lab. While sitting in the waiting area, I told him I wanted to try to sit in one of the regular chairs in the lab instead of the reclining chair that I usually sit in. When they called my name, we went in and I didn't even mention my past experiences with having my blood taken (passing out, seizures, etc.). I usually try to warn the person taking my blood, just in case something were to happen - but I had already decided that I was going to be just fine, so I didn't even say anything. When I sat down in the chair, Matt looked at me and said, "Are you sure?" "Yep!" I replied. When it was over, I just hopped up and was ready to go. Usually, I sit in the reclining chair for awhile to make sure I'm okay. I really did it! I was so proud of me...and I think Matt was too. I think I really surprised him. I called Momma afterward to tell her about what a big girl I was! :-)

In other news, Madison now makes my belly dance! haha! Sunday night, Matt and I were sitting on the couch. He was watching tv and I was reading a book. Madison must not have been pleased with me resting my book on my belly, because she kept making the book bounce up and down. I decided to pull my shirt up a little to see if we could actually see my belly moving. Sure enough, we could! It was so funny seeing it move up and down and side to side. We laughed so hard! I loved it!