Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Bees

Matt has still been extremely busy trying to get everything ready to start the LPN Program. He usually has a few items on his "to-do" list every single week...either running here or running there...sometimes running here and there. haha! Good thing he has his own little sidekick to keep him company.

Peggy and Jennifer came down this past Thursday to watch Madison for us on Friday while Matt went to an orientation for the LPN Program. Then when I got home, we all headed to Man for the weekend. My momma watched Madi for us at night, so that Matt and I could rest! It was great. On Saturday, we visited my Gramma and Aunt Patty and Uncle Charles. Madison was not herself at all on Saturday. She wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep and fussed when she wasn't sleeping. She didn't eat well at all either. I think I heard her cry more on Saturday than all the other times added together. But by Sunday, she was her normal sweet, funny self again.

Today, Madi and Daddy are out and about once again. And tomorrow Madison sees the doctor again...and she has to have her first S-H-O-T-S. And I have no idea why I'm nervous!