Tuesday, June 30, 2009


There are always so many things that I want to blog about...probably almost something daily. Yet, I rarely find the time to do so. Looks like this will be another "catch up" post!

On Saturday, June 20th we had Madison's ears pierced at the mall in Barboursville. I was a nervous wreck and almost backed out several times. She barely even cried though. Our baby girl really is a toughie! And she looks so adorable!

We celebrated Matt's first Father's Day on the 21st at Outback. Here are some pictures from the big day:

This past Saturday, Madi and I headed to Outback for Aimee's Bridal Shower Dinner. We were there over 2 hours and Madi decided that she needed to be awake for the whole thing. She was such a good girl though...mainly all smiles! She only cried briefly just a few times.

After our trip to Outback, Madison and I met Daddy at home and headed to Williamstown for the night!
Madison is doing great! She loves looking up at things...the fans, the bears above her swing, her mobile, the canopy on her carseat. She also "talks" to these things, especially the bears and the fans. She is fascinated by them! She also starting "really" smiling on the 26th! I love her sweet smiles...completely melt my heart. She's starting sleeping a little longer through the night, and we're working on trying to get her to bed earlier. (She had decided that 11 PM was her bedtime!) I really think Madison is a morning baby. I often call her my morning glory, as she's the happiest little baby early in the morning (lately at 4:30 am). Her smiles and squeals make it so much easier on both of us to get up! haha!
Matt and I are stopping by her daycare on Thursday for another visit and to introduce Madison to her caregivers. I know that daycare will be so good for her! But I have to admit that I'm having a hard time (a really hard time) dealing with the fact that her first day is just around the corner.
We are heading to the lake on Friday and will return home on Wednesday. I am so excited! I love our lake trips! We have a portrait session scheduled for Thursday, and Aimee's wedding is on Friday. I'm so happy about my week off! That week will also be Madison's last full week of Daddy Daycare (only that week it will be Mommy and Daddy Daycare). The following week Madison will attend daycare 2 or 3 days for a few hours each day. The next week, she'll be there full time. The time has just passed too quickly...


Aimee said...

lots of outback dinners! hehe.

you guys look like the happiest little family in the pic from father's day. and i LOVE that 1st pic of madison. she looks like such a big girl with her eyes open wide.

PS: you aims/madison pic is better than mine!

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big!

LaurensMom said...

She still looks so itty bitty in the carseat! Great pictures - it looks like you all had fun at Outback! She is looking much more alert - each stage is more and more precious and special. I know you are, but enjoy every second! It goes too fast!