Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sweet Madison,

You are two months old today. Sometimes it feels as if you are changing and growing every single day. The time is flying by! Really, it feels like just yesterday I was admiring my growing belly, wondering how much bigger I would get, day-dreaming about what you would look like, and anticipating your arrival.

And now that I know what life is like with you, life without you seems so long ago. You fit into our family so perfectly, and you have brought us such immense joy.

You have given us a few smiles, but it's still something you're getting the hang of. When we do get them, though, our hearts completely melt. Your dimples are adorable! Surprisingly, your eyes are still blue. They are usually a blue-gray color, pretty much the same exact color as your Uncle Matt's.

You are starting to vocalize a little more. You make one noise (almost like an excited shriek/coo) that makes me giggle every time. Your cry sounds different too, but it still crushes us...and Daddy and I still do everything we can to make it stop. And thank you, sweet girl, for being so easily comforted. You might be just a little spoiled though. You absolutely love to be held...and you get so mad when Daddy tries to lay you down during the day. I don't think he minds though...he loves you so very much.

Happy 2 months! You, little lady, have stolen our hearts, wrapped them tightly around your little finger, and let us know in no certain terms that we may never, ever have them back.