Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Expectant Mom Mantra

Repeat after me: I am not fat, I am growing a baby. After a lifetime of watching your weight, it can be unnerving (and sometimes depressing) to watch it go up, up, up. Whenever you feel bummed about your expanding girth (and your expanding bum), remind yourself that there's a beautiful reason your body is changing. To fuel that baby growth, you need to keep your growth going, too, so dieting's never an option when you're expecting. Instead, eat as healthy as you can (remember, you share every bite with your baby), and eat as much as you need to in order to gain at the right rate. (One more time, with feeling: I am not fat, I am growing a baby!)

Received this in an email from What to Expect. I'm trying to remember this. haha!


DollBaby said...

Haha. Loved the post. Its very good advice!
The old pediatrician was Childers in Charleston. The new is Culltrill in Teays Valley.

Who is your OB/GYN? I understand you being nervous. I would be too. But I'm sure everything will be fine! Its great that you get so many ultra sounds. I had 3 I think. I would have loved to have more. Ha! =)