Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I can't believe I've been so horrible about updating this thing. I haven't posted a blog in waaaay too long. So much has happened...I guess we've just been busy (at least that will be our excuse!).

Lots and lots of appointments - all of which have been just fine. Everything seems to be great with our lil one. We had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks...we were in awe of the tiny thing on the screen in front of us. We went for our second ultrasound on December 29th. Our little one had grown so much! After much poking and prodding, we found out that our little one is a girl! We were amazed by her heartbeat and to see her mouth open and close.

Since then, it seems we can't go into a store without going to the baby department. We've cleaned out her room, ordered nursery furniture and baby bedding, and talk about her so often. Matt has even organized her closet!

I do believe it's true...a baby does change everything. We are so crazy about her already, and she isn't even here yet. I love feeling her move (which she does a lot of). I felt her move for the first time around 16 weeks, and she's been going strong for about 3 weeks now. Matt seems so anxious to feel her kicking...I can't wait for him to feel her too.

We went on a "babymoon"...a cruise to Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk. It was so nice to just get away and relax.

I think one of my New Year's resolutions should be maintaining this blog!

Much love,

Matt, Mandi, and Madison :-)