Saturday, April 18, 2009


Madison Maxine Smith. Born Thursday, April 9th at 11:30 pm. 5 lbs. 10 oz. 18.75 inches.

Our Adventure

I went to the hypertension clinic on April 6th. My blood pressure was extremely high. The doctor said there wasn't much more they could do. They did increase my dosage of blood pressure medication, but he said that if that didn't work, delivery would be the only other option. I thought for sure the medication would work. However, I began monitoring my blood pressure and it didn't seem to be coming down.

On Wednesday, I saw the ob/gyn. My blood pressure was still extremely high. I was very swollen and showed symptoms of preeclampsia. They sent me to the Lab for some blood tests and then to Labor & Delivery Triage for observation but said that I'd probably get to go home after a few hours. I was having mild contractions and was dilated to 1cm. Later they told us it'd be best to keep me overnight (but still just for observation). At about 11, the doctor had decided to induce me. She believed that at that point, it was much better for our little girl to come out than to stay in. I just kept asking if Madison would be okay...I was so worried about our lil girl. At midnight, they hooked me up to a drip of magnesium sulfate in order to keep my blood pressure down. At 2:00 am, they started the actual induction. Matt and Momma both stayed with me in my room.

After the IV, my blood pressure plummeted. The nurses/doctors were very alarmed and began discussing a C-section. I explained my issues with blood/needles and asked if we could just give it a little bit of time to see if my blood pressure would come back up. It did! I was supposed to spend the rest of the night resting...but I really don't think any of us got much sleep. The doctors and nurses starting coming in fairly early on Thursday morning to check me. That afternoon, they gave me the epidural. Once again, my blood pressure plummeted. I think it dropped to like 61/28. They had to give me ephedrine in order to get my blood pressure to come back up. The only problem was that it raised Madison heart rate drastically too. We had to wait for her heart rate to come back down before we could go any further. They gave me oxygen...I hated it! But I knew it was best for her, so I tried my best to breathe through that awful mask.

It took a few hours, but Madi's heart rate finally dropped back down to normal. The doctor started the Pitocin in the IV in order to speed things along a little. From that point, things went very quickly. I kept telling Momma that I felt like Madison was going to fall out...haha! They came in to check me again and said that it was time. That was probably at about 11:15 pm. I pushed through 4 contractions and Madison arrived at 11:30! It was so amazing hearing her was such a relief. The NICU staff was already there on hand and they brought Madi over and let me kiss her before they took her up to NICU. Matt was allowed to go up and see her and a lot of our family went up with him to see her too. It was so tough knowing that I wouldn't get to see her again until I was allowed to go off of the magnesium. They said it could possibly be 24 hours. Matt and Momma came back and told me that Madison was breathing on her own but that she was having to work a little too hard to do so. The doctors hooked her up to a C-Pap in order to help her.

The next morning, I called up to the NICU in order to check on Madi. They said she was breathing a little better. My doctor came in at about 8:00 and said that I was doing so well and that she didn't feel that there was any need to continue the magnesium. I would be moving out of the Labor & Delivery room and into a regular room. I was going to get to see Madison!!! Mom and I made it up to the NICU a little before 11. The nurse said that she was just about to feed Madison for the first time from a bottle...I was so happy because I got to do her very first feeding. Also, Madison was able to go off of her C-Pap! I was so proud of her. She ended up only having to stay in NICU for 36 hours. On Saturday, they brought her down to my room. I just cannot believe how strong our baby girl is! On Sunday, we all went home!

Overall, everything went so well....well, according to me anyway. There were some scary times...and we definitely had a hard time regulating my blood pressure. But I cannot say enough good things about the doctors/nurses at Cabell Huntington. They were just so prepared and handled every setback so quickly.

Also, Matt and I are so thankful for everyone's love and prayers. So many people were supporting us...and we know that it was their prayers that made all the difference.


DollBaby said...

You sure did have an adventure! I'm so glad you guys are okay though. She is a cutie!