Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Though our Madison only spent 36 hours in NICU after she was born, those hours were some of the toughest Matt and I have ever experienced. However, Madison's time in NICU also inspired us.

At Cabell Huntington, the nurses clothe the babies while they are in NICU. I remember how excited we were the first time they put a little sleeper on beautiful she healthy she looked. We later talked to Madison's nurse and found out that all of the clothing they receive has been donated. Matt and I are so excited aboout donating Madi's clothes once she outgrows them.

I'm hoping that those who read this will also do the same. If you have baby clothing in preemie, newborn, or even 0-3 months (sometimes bigger babies have to be in NICU), please ask your local hospital if they accept donations.

Also, please pray for Madison's NICU roomie Tristan and his mommy.


Anonymous said...

Wow I never knew they accepted donations of clothes, never really thought about it I guess.

I will pass the word :-)

LaurensMom said...

What's your email? I'll try and email you a link...the video really is too cute!

Also - was going to tell you that Lauren and I head to the park pretty much daily now that the weather is warm, so if you and little Madi ever want to meet us over there and hang out, let me know! I *usually* get off work at 2 and we go to Valley Park (by the Wave Pool) - if you've never been, it's really nice!

Where do you take the clothes donations for NICU? I know we have TONS of 0-3 month from Lauren that we could donate.

LaurensMom said...

Okay - My goal is to go through Lauren's clothes this weekend and take the small stuff to donate. Ask me next week if I've done this - I tend to be forgetful and I really want to donate some clothes!! Also, I'm sure you all have tons of stuff for Madi, but if there's anything you want to look through let me know, some of her stuff was only worn once if at all!