Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rough Week

It's kind of been a rough week for me...

Both of my hands/wrists have been a little tender for a few weeks, but on Tuesday my right hand/wrist began to hurt pretty badly. On Wednesday morning, I woke up and could not move it at all. It was so swollen and the swelling just got worse and worse as the day progressed. My face was really swollen too. Matt insisted that I call the doctor. The nurse suggested Tylenol and a brace...neither of which helped. After my hand was about double its normal size, I called the nurse back to let her know that it seemed to just be getting worse. The nurse was able to work me in for an appointment on Thursday with another doctor.

On Thursday morning, we went for the non-stress test. Madison was a lot more active this time. She got the hiccups during the test. It was so cute! After the non-stress test, we went over to the hospital for my appointment with the doctor. He said that due to the swelling, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. He sent me over to a pharmacy for a different brace. My hand/wrist seems to be a little better now, but it's still very painful if I move my thumb a lot or move my hand too far to the left. Matt's been great about helping me when I need it though!

Also, my blood pressure was elevated at the appointment. I've been checking it periodically since then and it doesn't seem to be getting any lower. At times, it's even been higher. :-( It's just so strange because at my appointment on Monday, it was perfect. I'm just glad I have an appointment at the hypertension clinic on Monday.

I've been so very swollen too. Today, my ankles and feet were huge!!! I'm sure the swelling is linked to the elevated blood pressure. I'm hoping that if they can get my blood pressure back under control on Monday, the swelling will go down some too!

I hate that the focus of this blog is negative. I mean, yeah, the pregnancy is starting to get a little harder on me. But overall, I've been so lucky. I still love being pregnant and it's still one of the greatest experiences of my life. When I start feeling a little miserable because my wrist hurts or my feet feel like they're going to fall off, Madison will wiggle a bit or push her butt against me as hard as she can and I'm reminded that it's so worth it! It's more than worth it! A girl I work with asked me if I still want to have more children after the problems I've had and the precautions we've had to take. My answer was "Of course...definitely!"