Saturday, April 18, 2009

Madison's First Week

Madison is now a little over a week old. We are still just so proud of her. She is just the strongest little thing.
Our greatest struggle has been feeding Little Miss Madi. Because she was born so early, she is still learning how to suck. Also, due to her size, she is on a very strict feeding schedule. We have to make sure that she eats at least 1 ounce every 3 hours. We can feed her up to 2 ounces if she will take it...and we are just so happy when she does.
Madison has already had 2 visits with her pediatrician...whom we just adore! At her first visit on Tuesday, Madison was down 7 ounces from her birth weight but by her visit on Friday she had already gained 3.5 ounces of it back. Madison also had to have an ECHO and EKG at the hospital on Wednesday morning. The opening in her heart in the upper right chamber (all babies have 3 openings in their heart while in the womb) has not completely closed. There is still a 2 mm thick opening. Madi's pediatrician told us that there is a 96% chance that the hole will completely heal itself by the time she is 6 months old. We will repeat the testing again at that time. She also assured us that this is nothing to be concerned about. The pediatrician also told us that Madison's disposition will probably stay just as it is now. She rarely cries, and even when she does she calms herself very quickly. The doctor explained to us that most babies stay the way they are from the very beginning and that she believed Madi would stay just as sweet and easygoing as she is now. Matt asked if we could get that in writing. haha!

Matt and I also took Madison for her first walk. It felt so nice to get out and walk around our subdivision. We've also had many has been so great seeing everyone!
In her first week, Madi seemed to enjoy car rides and people talking to her. She loves to make faces and play with her tongue. She grins at us so much! She didn't really care for her sponge baths or some of her diaper changes. She also doesn't really like it when we have to put her clothes on over her head! Madison has the most funny little sneezes and she burps so loudly! She also does this funny thing where she moans when we sit her up to burp her.

We love giving her nicknames. We've called her Squeaks, Spike, Tiny Munchkin, Sweet Girl, Little Lady, Sissy, Little Teapot, MadiMax, and MadMax.
My momma has stayed with us all week, and she's been a huge help! My mom, dad, and brother all stayed here last night and will be spending the rest of the weekend with us. Peggy and Jennifer are coming to see us on Monday.
Right now, Matt and Brother Matt are out golfing. I hope Matt is having a great time...he deserves it. He's been so wonderful with Madi and with me! We love him so much!!!
Matt and I are just so in love with our daughter. My mom once told me that having children gave her a whole new understanding of love...that the feeling just took on a brand new meaning....that the love you have for your children is just so different that any other love you've ever felt. I now know exactly what she meant.
I had a conversation with one of my nurses in the hospital. She does not have children and she asked me if it was overwhelming meeting this new little person...if it was scary to me that I'd have to get to know her. I explained to her that I felt like I already knew her. She's exactly the way I thought she would be. She always had the hiccups when she was in my belly...and she still does. And that funny little thing that always had her hands up around her face during every ultrasound still loves her little face!


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